The Homily

We are here to write a great Love Story.

A song once called it “The Book of Love”,

but it seems there are times when you may feel

Love is more like living in a dream… everything happening to you in a new way.

You may stay in that dream only if you believe in your “Co-Star”.

In our Love Story there must be no denial.

The very things that bring us the greatest joy

can also provide moments of exquisite pain.

Never doubt the power of two in love

and the strength you gain from standing together in those moments.

Live side-by-side in your beliefs as they contribute

to the understanding of your differences for this is the essence of compassion.

You both have the right to make mistakes

and may discover that when two observe life’s trials,

one may see the answer before the other

and there you will experience the joy and challenge

of shared realization and growth.

Life holds the power of nature through respect, humility and grace

and only then will she reveal to us her secrets.

It is like that with love… love is not a possession nor privilege,

but an amalgam of faith and an open heart

and as in all great Love Stories of our time, so lovely in it’s twilight.