The Pink Glove Dance

West Park Hospital in Cody, Wyoming recently entered this video in a fundraising/breast cancer awareness campaign titled: The Pink Glove Dance. There were over 200 entries, nationwide! The staff were all very enthusiastic and came up with their own choreography and props. The music was provided by national recording artists royalty free for use by the various contest entry producers and is posted on You Tube for viewing and voting under the Pink Glove Dance Contest auspice and control.

The film was shot by me over a three day period with almost a break-neck time-frame and minimal lighting conditions. In most cases, I added Tungsten floodlights and a few on-cam close lighting instances. The whole project was edited in one day with the CG titling and animated segments produced before-hand and during the edit.

The real fun for me came in the filming of the project, as all the staff were very open to direction and accepted my added choreographic ideas without reserve. Kudos to this whole creative way of accomplishing awareness campaigns with minimal impact on the staff and budget.